Scout Sews a Satchel

brought to you by Scout  
aka: Scoutster, Nana, NanaPajama, and a few others reserved only for family

[disclaimer:  this project was the sole idea of Scout and not her mother.  She directed the photography, but asked for help to remember the correct steps.  This is in no way a solicitation ...however I do appreciate her contribution of content.]

***Hi, I'm Scout.  This is my first blog post.  I am excited to sew with you.  Today we are making a special purse.  I will be telling you how to make it.

First choose your fabric, a 16 inch square. I used a table napkin.
Then, choose a ribbon (16 inches) and a strap however long you want.   Decide if you want a shoulder bag or a one handed bag. We used a little elastic, that's up to you.
Pin your ribbon onto your fabric.  Make a fabric ribbon sandwich.
Sew the sandwich closed.
Turn the tube right sides out.
Fold your long rectangle in half again.  Pin closed.
If you want to, sneak a ribbon loop in your sewing to be a tag.
Turn it right sides out again.  Measure from ribbon 2 inches for strap. Attach strap on each side.

Now, congratulate yourself  anyway you want.  I had fashion show.  How are you going to do it?

This is my second purse. I can not believe that somebody bought it.  And I even have an order for two more.
 [thanks Aunt Heather!]


  1. so cute! Scout, you are a sewing genius!! love the napkin, i mean purse fabric, you chose :)

  2. Love this girl! Love the purse!


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