Pattern Testing the Pleated Playsuit

A while back I had the chance to test a pattern by Heidi from Elegance & Elephants.  She created this pattern to show her appreciation to the kindness she felt from her followers.

This pattern was a dream to sew!  This was my first attempt at front yoke pockets, and it rocked!  Thanks, Heidi for broadening my horizons. I am thrilled with the shape of the top as the neckline and arms have an excellent fit with no gaps.

I did make a couple of modifications to fit the girls a bit better.  I added an inch in the bodice and another inch to the shorts length.  (These girls are taller than tall).  Even with the added length this outfit is on the small side.  Izzy is extra particular about her pants/shorts, so I omitted the gathering at the hem and widened the band at the hem.

I am less than thrilled with my fabric choice.  This is a thin cotton voile so a lining was a must.  Also, the cool ombre effect was lost on the waist placement.  It looks like I used different fabrics for the top and the shorts, but this really is all one print.  Even still, I am happy with the look of this romper.

Thank you again Heidi for the darling pattern.  This outfit has been on constant rotation all summer long. 

  • re-think my fabric. This light fabric would have been awesome in a shirred sundress, but the beauty of the ombre is lost on this outfit.
  • practice with the 50mm lens (and raise the F-stop)--too too blurry!
  • sew a size larger, I forget how tall my girls are.

Head over to Elegance and Elephants to add this excellent pattern to your arnsenal.  

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  1. That looks like a fun sew and looks adorable on your beautiful girl!! Haven't seen you on IG lately so it was a happy surprise to see you here today!!! Hope all is well (or better) and I hope you read my thank you for the awesome mail you sent me!!! Thanks Heidi!!


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