Play and Pretend

Last week at So You Think You're Crafty the theme was "Kid's Can Do".  It seem that this is the constant theme around these parts as my girls are always making some kind of creative mess.  I chose to push the envelope a bit (not without criticism in blog world), as my kids committed me to make costumes for our local Children's Museum.

 I figured we'd kill two birds, and let the girls log in a few more hours behind the sewing machine. 
[“In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.”   ― Malcolm GladwellOutliers: The Story of Success]

The girls first told me stories they wanted to act out.  They determined the characters (a robot chicken?) and we chose the fabric from the Children's Museum stash.
I used a really simple pattern and mostly no fray fabrics to keep things REALLY easy.

 The hardest part by far was the photo shoot.  The lighting was difficult, and the kids wanted to play, not pose. Luckily ice cream bribes won them over!

My sincere thanks to dear Louise for bringing her darling children, and taking my camera and doing what I could not.


  1. I love these photos! Those kids are awesome. Such good sports, really. You are sooooo talented, creative and terribly smart!!!

    1. If you break it down, you created two of the kids as well as the photos. Looks like you have your share of talent!

  2. Ha! Robot chicken... the creativity of children always amazes me :) I love the 'photo bloopers'!


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