Get Lucky!

This weekend I scurried about the house tossing play carrots (stolen from the kids toys) and bunnies throughout the house in preparation for Easter.  I was pleased with the arrangement until I was not-so-gently reminded that one simply cannot put Easter up until St. Patty's has been properly celebrated.  Then I said, "wanna bet", and kept putting Easter flair around the house.

Then I felt (a little) bad. 
We are Green's after all.

So, I took the Easter decor down and began hunting for a few green touches to satisfy the Duke. (Duke Longshadow is his preferred web name).  Sadly, none of my 2 St. patty's decorations made it through storage.  So I did a quick web search for printables and came away with a couple goodies to do the job. here and here.  I also made up a quick poster that is yours for the taking. {disclaimer:  I have zero graphic skills.}

Right click on image and save.  I printed mine 12x18 at Costco (but smaller sizes work as well).

Here's hoping you DO get lucky.

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  1. Fingers crossed! haha. That's the perfect St. patty's day printable! (PS: I have zero holiday decor up right now, for any holiday. You totally win.)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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