Shrinky Dink Backpack Tags

It comes as no surprise that I have an obsession with kid art.  I truly enjoy watching their artwork evolve and getting a glimpse of how they see the world.

That brings us to shrink plastic.  We used these as a non-candy option for Valentine's Day, but they are awesome year round.

The girls divided the task of drawing 27 images on copy paper.  I traced their drawings onto shrink plastic and cut it out then used a standard sized hole punch.

The girls colored their drawings with colored pencil and sharpie marker and we threw them in the oven to watch the shrinking magic.  

We were wowed all 27 times. I tried to make a video of the shrinking in action, but it seems to be one of those things that you just had to be there.  [in other words... world's boringest video clip.]

I purchased a pack of metal lanyard clips at the craft store then let the kids poke them through their Valentine.  


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