Valentines Round 1: Mustache Lollies

I love Valentine's.  What's not to like when pink and red hearts are involved.  I sheepishly admit to dotting my I's with hearts far longer than social dictates would allow. 
I suspect my mom loves Valentine's as well.
 I clearly remember creating handmade valetines with her on index cards with 'punny' sayings and candies. We made the same salt dough necklaces every year - a tradition that lives on.

So now that kindergarten is here...
Let the wild rumpus begin!

wilton candy mold

We started with this candy mold from Wilton.  I had planned on buying it online, but got turned off by the shipping. Then, lo and behold.... Michael's craft carried them!  For a whopping $1.99 to boot.

Making the candies was ridiculously easy.  Melt, pour, chill, done.  

 Next up, a quick photo shoot with horrible lighting.
run to Costco to pick up prints 
(and dinner because now it's 6:00)

packaging with the little girls with bedtime in the rear-view mirror.
Valentine's Round One:

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