Fabric Scrap Buster: Kid Art

Please join me in wishing my photography skills were more impressive.  I am so tickled with the art project we did at the girls' birthday party that I wanted to share it - crummy photo skills and all.

stretch canvas or foam board
fabric scraps
ribbon scrap
heat and bond ultra

1.   If you are high class you might choose to use a stretch canvas for your base.  If you like to cheap out you would join me in using foam board from the dollar store cut to preferred size.  Our dimensions are 7 x 9
2. Next choose a background fabric and cut 2 inches larger than base. (ex: 9 x 11)
3. Now comes the fun part.  Choose a few coordinating fabric scraps to complete your design. 
Iron Heat-n-Bond Ultra to backs of your scraps .
Draw on paper backing desired shapes and cut.
Remove paper backing and arrange collage shapes.
Iron in place.
Add any chosen embellishments.
4. Apply spray adhesive to back of design and carefully place on canvas or foam board (pull fabric to remove any wrinkles).   Fold excess back and adhere.

5. Glue a ribbon for hanging if you desire, then cover back with cardstock or patterned paper.

6. Admire your work.

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