ninety percent

The man and I have been working to flip our house.  Seeing that we are living here, it is more of a "remove-and-repair-each-and-every-aspect-of-each-and-every-room-remodel". Still, we hope to make a profit when we move in two years or so and can't justify putting too much cash into the house.

Add the fact that  I am a great project starter and not so great at finishing (we tend to complete everything to about 90% done and leave it).  I'm starting to see what a mental drain this bad habit is on my family.

The main bathroom was both functionally and design flawed.

Duke Longshadow wanted to put in a shower and call it done.  I wanted a new vanity and countertop.

 In the end we... I mean he compromised.  

I painted the vanity and counter (Rustoleum Super Glaze) and he put in a new tub and tile. Then we painted the walls, the ceiling fan, the mirror, new lights, new tile floor, new trim, put in a thrifted sink, new plumbing, marble backsplash and used up 20 million tubes of caulking.

I owe the man.
Like many unfinished projects, we worked to 90% completion then left it alone.  Last week Duke Longshadow gave me a challenge.  He would complete the trim and paint in our main room and I would complete the bathroom all in one week.
Not to be outdone I waited until the last minute - then worked at crazed warped speed..... and ..... finished the bathroom!  [side note: Duke Longshadow took time away from his project many times to use his height or knowledge of power drills to help me reach my goal.]
So, let me present our one finished room.

Except for art and curtains of course....


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