OUT: Puppets

When I first moved to town a cute girl named Sarah reached out to befriend me. I thought she was great, but truthfully, I was working full time and a newlywed. I didn't have time to socialize.

Fast forward a set of twins and a couple of years, now in desperate need of daytime adult conversation.

Sitting at church one day Sarah complimented a headband or something the girls were wearing. I mentioned that I am such a procrastinator I had made it as we walked out the door. She retorted that her baby was wearing a smock she had sewn just that morning as well. I thought she was kidding. I later learned she was not.

And so a sewing date was set. She invited a couple of other friends, and together we began to create. [Looking back we realize how desperate we really were to be creating. We had five small babies: a total of eight kids plus three or four more babysat kids as well. Chaos!!! What were we thinking?]

Our first project was a quiet book. Sadly it is packed away in Massachuessetts. Next we made puppets complete with a doorway puppet theater (also in Mass). They turned out lovely. Every five minutes or so you could hear one of us exclaim "I love it!".

So in honor of once upon a thread, here are a few of our puppet sets.

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