Make do and mend

This short season of my life is a strange one. Due to a wonderful job opportunity Duke (what is with that name?) and I have left Massachussetts for a few months while he participates in some job training. We had planned to stay with family and arrived in Utah with only suitcases, a bicycle, and a plastic tub full of fabric. (shock!)

Luckily there was a family home being unused for the time and we were able to stay here. The plus side- many cool treasures from years gone by. The downside - the house was full of things no one considered treasure and it is quickly falling apart. In a few months the house will be torn down to make way for a new and improved beauty.

Until then, I must make do and mend.

On Saturday my darling Mother-in-law and I attacked the kitchen walls. A few months ago we had scrubbed walls and removed layer upon layer of wallpaper until the room was mostly the same color. We decided to now take it a step further and enjoy the charm of the house, while still having the kind of fun possible only when the home is going to be leveled.

This fun meant aqua! [I wish I could get a better representation of the paint color. Somewhere in the middle of smack you in the face turquoise (but close) and Tiffany's blue. ]

I love it. The room feels brighter, and more importantly, so is my mood.

PS: after the painting party my sister in law joined in the "fun" and together the three of us made sure all my fabric and notions were organized and folded!!!!! Does it get any better than that?

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