125 inches of improvement

Warning: this is a ridiculous post of making something you could buy for about the same price and requires much - much more time than a trip to the store. Even still, it makes me happy to look at it.I am in the process of moving my sewing room indoors. You see, I make a mean mess when I sew. My sewing room has been in a large airy three season porch. So airy in fact, that my ironing water bottle freezes even during the day. Duke is in job training and away from home A LOT. Which means I am free to take over the dining room and be as utterly messy creative as my heart desires. So even though there are ribbon and fabric piles everywhere, it was evident that I needed to start the organization overhaul with a new ironing board cover. Makes sense right? The only thing... I decided to piece together scraps for binding - - - which need to be ironed. I am such a planner! I made do without a cover and made oodles and oodles of brightly colored bias tape.

And now I have a cheerful corner in the midst of a very big mess. Maybe tomorrow I'll bite the bullet and organize. That, or sew up more trim.

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