Birthday Festivities

The party has come and gone and all have fared fairly well. Cousins and friends came ready to party and play.
We had a blast.

Heather (Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes) created the great cowgirl cake.

We enthusiastically raced horses.

Played a not so creative or entertaining game of "There's a snake in my boot" (don't ask),

roasted marshmallows on bunson burners for smores,

and ate A LOT of cake.

Grandparents and parents stayed for the fun, which was a welcomed surprise.

Duke (my husband's preferred blog name - and more on that choice another day) conducted the horse racing. Hysterical. The horses were too heavy for the littles racers so he carried the kids and their horses to the finish line. Too funny.

I am pleased with the turnout. I tend to get just a bit wound up by the time the party hits (no execptions here), but I don't regret a thing. It was fun. Really fun.

The girls loved it.
And that,
is what counts.

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