Handmade Halloween (In January!)

I do it every year.  EVERY YEAR!
I neurotically throw together Halloween costumes at the very last minute (often using dress up clothes to get us through neighborhood parties and such) . And when the big day comes, and I've been up all night sewing, do I take any photos?  Even with my phone?  Nope.  Not one.  Not even the beloved tweedle dee and dum costumes.  What is my problem?

And so...  without further adieu

Miss Carmen Miranda

{otherwise known as old-fashioned famous lady}

The costume idea was a last ditch effort.  She started out as a tropical bird (because I wanted to use the same pattern and theme and make my life easy). Ha!  Scout really wanted to be an English horse rider, but the boots alone were out of my budget.   I had to pay her a quarter to be a bird- but she liked the plan B so much I got to save my coin.

Next up on the roster,

-flapper style-

Now this girl..... she's wanted to be a peacock for two years now.  I'm sure she envisioned an impressive spray of back feathers with a fluffy (and comfy) body.  She may have even been disappointed by this far cry from a peacock.  But, I just couldn't do it.  There was no place in my imagination a low key peacock.  And that thought stressed me out.  Plus, isn't this fun?  

These photos are not quite worthy of the beautiful Oh Happy Day!  who has the most incredible and clever Halloween costumes I have ever seen, but the kids inside the costumes are pretty darn cute.

I hope you enjoy our late Halloween parade.  I'm thinking of having them squeeze into last year's costumes just for laughs.  Maybe even the year before that as well.  And for this October, I may still procrastinate- but at least I'll take some pictures.

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