Color Your Summer: Purple

******* this post was previously posted on Delia Creates: Color You Summer

Hello there, cool Delia Creates readers!  I am still geeking out that I am here!  Delia is one of my creative idols and I am thrilled to be included in such a rock star line up.... even when featuring the somewhat less popular hue -- purple.

At first I thought I'd cheat a bit and include a hint of lavender painted flowers on a sundress for my girls.  I stuck with a perfect O+S Seashore Sundress with no modifications.  I painted the world's simplest (and lightest) flowers and patted myself on the back. Then the guilt sunk in.   Heavy guilt.  No purple was to be seen.

Time to amp up the purple and accessorize.

Luckily Aunt Jaynie and my sister in law Heather, both cake decorator extraordinaires,  were willing to humor me and play with clay. We played around with different flowers and techniques, small and large.

Polymer Clay Ranunculus
(of course any colors will work)
1 package light purple polymer clay
1 package medium purple polymer clay
1 package white polymer clay
1 package light green polymer clay
1 strong hair clip
rolling pin
adhesive - something sturdy

this part is a little tricky, but be confident, recite your can do it...

and keep going, and going and going.  stop at point of wow factor-or so heavy you may break your child's neck.

Polymer clay can cure in a very cool oven (180 or so) or air dry.  Choose your poison.  Once dry, glue to a strong hair clip or barrette and start sporting your cool PURPLE style!!

Thank you Delia for allowing me to play with the big girls.  I am honored!  Thank you Jaynie for mastering the ranunculas (and the hand modelling).  Thank you Scoutster for the fast photo shoot in the rain, you are a trooper!

--and stop by greendoodle later this week to see these clay buttons that turned out rather fetching.

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