New Digs for the Drive-In

This was my final submission for the Wild Card week at So You Think You're Crafty!

I had begun to work on a safe & "cute" final project for this contest when my husband mentioned casually...

Husband:  " you know how I've been soo supportive of this competition?  And, you remember how I never said anything when we'd have cereal for dinner, or that we quadrupled the fabric budget, or that week you lost our kids?  

Me:  "yeah?"

Husband:  "well, whacha think of reupholstering the Scout we just bought?

Me:  "oh boy, here we go..."

This has got to be the most hair-brained of my projects yet!  There were a few days I was certain that I'd contracted the hantavirus.  Clearly these seats were once a home to varmints of some kind.  

This was a serious makeover.

 I stripped the seats of our new Craigslist treasure, a 1964 International Scout, down to wood and metal.  Armed with new foam and dacron, I created new two-tone seats covered in marine vinyl.   A bit of new carpet and a painted dash completes the look. 
Eventually we'll paint the thing to get the exterior looking as sharp as the interior.

And we now have a fun new toy for late night drive in movies, jeep trails, and picnics in the mountains 
(if only we could get the thing running...)


  1. You are amazing! Congratulations!!!

  2. WOW!! I have always loved this car and you did an amazing job!! You really floor me with your gifts!!

    I was just having a conversation with my daughter and her friend about the Scout over the weekend! I am so glad we connected and now I know why you have been so have TONS going on! LOL


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