Another round down

Phew, I made it through another week of SYTYC!  Keep your eye out for a tutorial early next week.

Here's what is left....
Handmade Gifts (we have all submitted our projects, fingers crossed)
Wild Card (only if enough people like my handmade gift submission)

I am so appreciative to Missy for hosting this contest.  I think that this competition has been a shot in the arm for me, just what the doctor ordered.  And thanks a million times to you for taking a few minutes to read, comment, vote, email, etc.  My hope in entering SYTYC was to make friends in the creative world.  I have been happily blown away by kindness!  

Thank you, and 

--- the girls are going to a dance clinic and a b-day party tomorrow....I can't even imagine the freedom!  Yipee!
What is on your agenda this weekend?


  1. Heidi, that is an amazing project! It is gorgeous and the photos you took really make it shine too. Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day weekend! Yay you for winning!! I tried to see what next weeks challenge is but when I clicked the link it said page not found. Maybe because I am using the iPad which can be quirky. Go, Heidi, go!!

  2. Oh man I've always loved these leaf stones!! Can't wait for the tutorial.

    1. Thanks, Lesley! It was so easy to make I am thinking to add concrete pigment next time. Might be a bust. (I think the tute comes out on Wednesday).


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