Easter Dresses: A Closer Look

I was looking for something on my computer today and got a little lost looking at pictures.  Do you do that too?  I thought I'd share a couple more of the girls' Easter dresses as they are still a novelty around these parts.
The fun bits:
  pin tucks on bodice
scalloped organza collars
spinny skirts

piped jackets 
pleating on jackets
fluffy petticoats

( in a surprise twist, this girl was excessively camera friendly as her sister gave herself a self-prescribed nap) 
(just so you don't think I'm playing favorites over here...)


  1. LOVE the color purple. You did a beautiful job!

  2. Love the classic look of these dresses. Great job!

  3. These are just beautiful! The jackets are superb! I adore the little scalloped collars, too. Did you use a particular pattern for the dresses or the jackets? Lovely!!!

  4. Wow! These are incredible. The dresses are gorgeous and the detail is amazing. And the jackets! I want one.

  5. Love these! So many beautiful details... I especially love the jackets. =)

  6. The dresses and especially the coats are amazing!

  7. AMAZING!!! The scallops.....the pintucks....wow, just wow!!

  8. They are stunning dresses! And I love your fun photos!

  9. Congrats on the win! These dresses are just fantastic! I'm sharing them in my favorites post on my blog. http://dudeyourockmysocks.blogspot.com/2013/04/week-4-favorites.html

  10. Congratulations on your win. These dresses are truly amazing. You can see how talented you are. You may like my post on teaching your children to sew:

  11. These dresses are phenomenal! Now if I could find dresses for little girls that looked like THIS in the stores today, I would be a happy camper! :) Superb job!


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