When the Relatives Came: Grandma Style

[these photos are a snapshot of what each housemate was doing on a lazy afternoon.]
the seamstresses were eating candy
It has been an interesting mix of days around here.  Temporary single parenting combined with a visit from my mom and ailing grandma mixed with lots and lots of sewing. It turns out I get very anxious without my teammate, and I am ready for him to be back in the game.

doing what great-grandmas often do... sleep
My grandma has been without her teammate for many years.  She has soldiered on, but her end is very close.  It is likely that this visit will be her last.  She made a point to come and be with us "in our natural habitat".  She wanted to watch and love on my little girls.

stealing alone time on Grandma's I-pad
The girls were adorable with her. She needed a helping hand to move from place to place and they were always willing to jump in.  At one point we were having a fashion show of hope chest dresses my mom had sewed for me as a girl:

amazingly detailed Gunny Sack dresses,
long 80's flower girl dresses,
smocked pinafores....
works of art.

During the memory trip Grandma needed a hand to the restroom.  Both girls jumped up one hand holding their "princess gowns" and the other holding Grandma.  I hope to never forget that sight.

self proclaimed nap time (isn't she a beautiful sleeper?)
Her visit was awesome. and tiring.  and sad.  She is really sick (and honestly pretty old).  For most of my life we had a bond that I am unable to explain.  She knew how to listen to my hardest problems,  as I grew she had a bedroom when I needed it,  as a tiny girl she had special traditions that I'll never forget.  As we aged that bond changed a bit.  It was really nice to have her and to help care for her.  I can't come close to the care she gave, but I believe she knows I love her.

again: food for those creating
So while Grandma slept, my mom and I sewed.  We let our minds get ahead of our hands too may times to count, thinking we could sew every idea that came to us.  We trashed the family room with fabric and patterns and Jamba Juice.

It was wonderful.
Mom made a crazy cute sundress for the littles

Our only trips out of the house were to pick up kids, pick up fast food, or hit the fabric stores.  I took our gang to Fabric Depot and I thought my mom would never leave!

I removed this tired fabric and recovered the piano bench
Oh, I did a wild and crazy thing and put my name in the ring for So You Think You're Crafty.  All the moms in my life are giving me a big push of enthusiasm as this is likely to be something really good for my mojo.  (Audition voting is open now.  There are some really cool projects!  Go, vote!)

Now that a couple of weeks are behind me, and I finished my audition, I feel like a can take a breather and find my bearings.  Still, I feel very depleted and wonder how those of you doing this parenting job alone and keep your strength. Really, this is a question for anyone.  How do you fill your own bucket?  I could use the inspiration.


  1. Fabric Depot is addicting.

    I don't know about that filling yourself up business though. That's tricky. I think getting outside and exercise help me a lot. My mom took naps though, religiously.

  2. Hi! I found your blog from SYTYC! I have 3 kids 7, 5 & 2 (boy-girl-boy). The best thing for me is to have some alone time -- what I do with that alone time just depends on my mood (sewing, reading, napping, exercising). The hardest part for me is finding alone time! I always feel so selfish for wanting to get away! Oh well, I suppose that's part of motherhood ( for better or worse). So happy to have found your blog and good luck with the auditions at SYTYC!


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