Heart String Art: 6-year-old style

I had big plans to share many, many valentine crafts and  decorations.  I even started early (meaning not February 13th), but alas.... I am still so slow.  

This project is the trifecta of kid crafts.  
1.) Easy 
2.) Fast 
3.) Awesome

Gather supplies and trace heart in the center of your fabric. I used a heavy-ish twill so as to not show any mistakes.
The process is pretty straightforward.  Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end.  For younger artists double thread and tie ends together.  This prevents their needle from coming unthreaded. Also, a darning needle is sharp enough to pierce fabric, but not too sharp for small hands.

Pull needle up from back anywhere on outline of heart. Pull thread tight and push needle down across heart on outline.

  Here's the trick.  Working from the front: bring needle back up on outline close to where you brought needle down.  In this way you will not waste gallons of thread on the back of your design. Hope that made sense!

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  You can change threads, or go with one solid color.

Cover back with felt if desired.

These examples were made by my twin six year olds, and their 8 year old friend in about 45 completely interrupted minutes.

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  1. Very nice. I'm pinning it - my kids are little, but I want to do it in a few years with them. :)

  2. Definitely Lauralee, it's a fun one. (and thanks, by the way!)

  3. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Nicole! You are wonderful to showcase so many neat blogs! Thanks for your hard work.


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