Shrinking Art

One of these days I am going to write a "thanks-a-lot-pinterest" post.  I really really really do love it (most of the time).
From pinterest I got the itch to play with shrinky dink plastic with my kids. A while back we came across a no. 6 take out container (the recycle number on the bottom) and colored and cut like crazed people. We tossed our art in the oven and ooohed and aaahhed and smiled.  But in the end we were left with cute little shrunk up plastic with nothing to do with it but cause clutter.

Then pinterest brought me this idea:  from
Shrinky Dink Revival:  diy buttons  (use #6 plastic instead of shrinky dink brand for true DIY)

I found a pack of shrink plastic paper at a nearby art store and tried it with my girls, this time with the intention on creating something functional.  My girls wear uniforms to school -"dress code"- and I'm working on a navy skirt for Izzy.  She designed and colored four buttons to finish off her skirt. [what is with the fox?]

I thought that this paper would make for some original and fun valentine gifts as well  so we have been shrinking fools the past few days.  (stay tuned)

While the girls designed, I made a few charms with the tiny scraps.

A love letter to my Izzy girl,

and a reminder to Scoutster to be happy.

We used sharpie and colored pencils with great success. Make sure to read the paper's instructions.  Ours requires light sanding before coloring. The thrill of watching the plastic shrivel and turn never gets old.

Keep an eye out for the most amazing kid art valentines in the world... and no I am not biased.
not. one. bit.


  1. Oh heidi! I'm so glad you posted about this. I've been decluttering and have been really enjoying it, but just found a box full of kids art that I just can't seem to throw away and want to immortalize and utilize somehow and thought of the button ideas that you shared. This week I'm going to go to the craft store and look for this cool invention :)

  2. Awesome Ruth! How is NV treating you? If you can't find the paper, I can get some here in Portland and send it your way. Have fun in your new house.

  3. Um, I LOVE this! I think I can find some way to make these into great mother's day presents from my students...

  4. cool Kristi! Let me know how it goes.

  5. Heidi, I enjoyed perusing through your blogs. You are amazingly talented. Your girls are so very cute!

  6. Holly, I followed your Potter Family link and read a while. So, so fun! I just read your "things about me" and "20 years ago" and can't stop thinking of all our fun times!!!! Big hair, reeses cups, Disneyland. I miss you! And now, are you in Kaysville? Jake is from Kaysville, I taught there, and we lived there for years.


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