Pretty Little Packages

The girls and I had a few goodies to send off the the grannies: particularly
kindergarten SCHOOL PICTURES!!! 
I scoured the web for interesting packaging and landed upon this clever idea.  By the way, did you know you can send a soccer ball through the mail?  Oh, the possibilities!

I used a heavy vinyl and a very heavy thread.  The vinyl was a cinch, but no amount of tinkering would get the tension just right. Even still,  I am in love with this packaging.  My Mom loved it so much she hasn't cut it open.

I chose to sew one long side seam, gently place the cards and pictures inside, then sew all sides closed with the items tucked inside. One little tip:  Leave your threads long and hand tie knots.  Backstitching on plastic created too many holes and weakened the vinyl.  The vinyl is very inexpensive and affords so many options.  I hope to try this again.

The Post Office was  delightful and very accommodating.  I think each parcel was about $2 (which the cute postal worker covered in artsy stamps).  Can you imagine how fun to find this in your mailbox?

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