Madeline Birthday

The twins turned six!

While planning their last birthday party I stumbled upon a few beautiful images for over the top Madeline themed parties. You can imagine my glee when out of the blue the girls asked to have a Madeline party of their own.  (I am absolutely certain that I did not manipulate or cajole...)

With the addition of pinterest, the party pretty much planned itself. (Here's my inspiration for this party)

I loved the idea of sewing capes for the guests.  I used an inexpensive broadcloath to cut a half circle for each cape. Keeping the fabric folded in half, I cut a 22 inch (ish) square, then rounded it out into a quarter circle. I cheated and used a zig zag stitch for the hems.  As I zigged zagged the hems my machine did me a favor and created a messy rolled hem.  Serendipity. I attached a huge peter pan collar with a heavy interfacing and finished with double satin ribbon.  Although I love the look of the satin ribbon, I would used grosgrain next time.  The satin was difficult to keep tied.
I'm a believer in Costco.  I served croissants and let the kids choose between chicken salad or raspberry jam, clementines, carrot sticks, madeline cookies, and chocolate milk.  Have you tried Costco's madeline cookies, by the way?  Divine.

Meant to imitate Madeline's cape, these invites are pretty self explanatory.  If I had thought ahead, I would have printed directly on the yellow dotty paper.  Oh, and word to wise...vellum makes liars out of the purple invisible glue stick people.  You have been warned.

I used a perfect (and secret) family recipe for the cake.  Raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting made it truly delicious.  My frosting skills however, not so hot.  I made a cream cheese frosting - and it was a bit too soft. I ended up scaling back and simply tying a ribbon around the cake to give the illusion of a hat.

Instead of games, we had a art lesson.   We visited the "Louvre" and created a fabric scrap collage house.  More details to come. I am in love with the project and hope to relive it many more times.

We had a great party.  The girls were in heaven, not to mentioned spoiled. Many thanks to my dear friend Louise for her help and her camera skills.

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