Grace Under Fire

[absolutely accurate depiction of their personalities]

Tonight I had the chance to put the kids down early, browse photos and have sole ownership of the remote, as Duke is off enjoying a movie. What a glorious night! Outside a storm is raging so loudly my girls asked that we pray our house won't blow away in our sleep tonight. We did ask for the blessing of our home staying right where it is - at least for tonight.

Over the past six months I have been thrown a curve ball so big that I nearly lost my ability to function. Unable to achieve grace under fire, I found myself imploding. I have hit a few monumental lows. I have struggled with dark thoughts. I have wondered, and often still wonder if I have the strength necessary to rise to my potential. Along with a solid home foundation, I also pray for strength and perspective to overcome. I have faith in my Father in Heaven that this is possible, I am working on having faith in myself.

It is time for me to start moving forward. I am tired of who I have been.

I have debated writing at this time. I worry that my words may be poisonous and my filter might be faulty. I also believe that there is healing in sharing myself in this little corner of the web, albeit undefined. Is this strictly a craft blog? Is there room for personal experience and goal setting? All good questions.

So here I am . . . again.

Here to share projects and ideas and hopefully a little confidence in creating and I'll try to keep the philosophical bits to a minimum.

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