Show and Tell

It may be a gene, it may be (probably is) my Mom's outlook, but somehow I was born with the idea that I could make/do anything I really wanted to.

In my own feverish brain, there is not a project that I can not tackle.
(By the way, the real world has proven otherwise on more that one occassion).

As I have become more confident in my sewing, I have found that my confidence has been boosted by dozens of creative, informative, FANTASTIC blogs that show that the impossible is possible. This is why I have begun to blog. (well, one of the reasons).

So far I have posted ideas and projects that I have tackled. What I'd love to do is spark confidence. I'd like to regularly post tutorials of projects that inspire you to push yourself create.

The trick however is showing tricks and tutes of techniques that haven't been tutorialed to death as well as things you are truly interested in. So, if you can, dial in. Email me, post on facebook, leave a comment of projects you'd like to try.
I'm making a goal to give you 1 or 2 tutorials within this next week. (I'm even saying it out loud so that it is more likely to happen.)

On another note: Pippi Shorts are now available in the shop.

[photos have been randomly chosen from my computer]

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  1. eeekksss!!! i can't wait!!!! and, by the way, that picture of you is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! you seriously CAN do anything. i love being your friend.


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