Once Upon A Thread

{Izzy and Scout - ready to read}
My new favorite blog no big dill is hosting a March sewing theme of "Once Upon A Thread". The goal is to create something or many somethings for the little people - inspired by children's literature. Totally, totally the way I roll. So although I haven't come into March with a stack full of finished projects to share, I hope to create a few new goodies that fit the "Once Upon A Thread" theme. And if I play my cards right, I hope to pull this Easter dress I've been designing out of my head and turn it into something amazing by the end of this month. If accomplished (the way I envision it) it will be a lovely accumulation of literacy themed sewing.

I better get busy.

-- by the way, I know the "greendoodle" on every picture is a little big and pretty lame. Bear with me. I'll fix it. Just wanna make sure this doesn't happen to me.... although, as only my mom brother and friend know I've even started this blog... I think I'm safe!

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