I have a dear, dear friend.
We met during a professional development class when we were both teaching for the school district. We connected right away, and soon found ourselves getting chastened for talking during lectures. (a lot)

Although we never taught in the same school, over the next four years or so, we found ourselved continually choosing the same after school classes. And over the next four years or so, we would talk during class and get in trouble.

Mary Jane and I are the kind of friends that can go months and months at a time busy with life, then call to say "I need an idea for a birthday party invitation... help". So together we brainstorm the perfect party, catch up on each other's lives and hang up for a few more months.

During a particularly long time of no contact, I found out that she had just had a baby. That made me smile as I had recently had babies as well. So I called. Not only did we both have newborns, our girls were due the same day and born three weeks early. Our girls are one day apart.

And now, during this short season of my topsy turvy life, our lives are connected again. So much so, that she teaches my girls' preschool. (and she is fantastic!- email me for info) We talk often - and often I am reminded of what a great friend she is.

These pictures are of her sweet daughter wearing a skirt I recently made.
(Yes, I can sew other skirt patterns. It seems I just don't want to).

Happy Birthday Mary Jane!
-I adore you-

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