tea in the tee pee

When the party theme morphed into a cowgirl camping theme, a teepee seemed the perfect gift. Originally I had envisioned loudly patterned (but coordinating) decorator weight cotton. I had read many tutorials stating this project required 3 yards of fabric each teepee. Two teepees would be very doable. However as I googled and googled images of handmade teepees, they all looked so, so small.

While deliberating over fabric, a Hancock employee mentioned Butterick B4251 -which called for 9 3/8 yards. YIKES! Times 2? Very UNdoable.

I finally took the lead of Smile and Wave a lovely and vintage wearing amazing blog! Go ahead take a look. But trust me. Bring a lunch. You won't want to stop reading.
Solution: canvas drop cloth.
I still used the pattern, but creatively laid out the pattern pieces on the drop cloth. Success.
Maybe one day I will add the Indian zig and zag. or.... not.

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