A Crazy Craft

My little brother LOVES sour patch kids. So much so that my kids call them Tyler Patch Kids. He is serving a mission in Boston and will be away this Christmas and we wanted to send him a few of his favorite things.

After searching fused plastics I decided to attempt a wallet. I followed some one's suggestion to use freezer paper to sandwich the plastic. A colossal mistake. The wax side fused to each other as well as the project (which happened to be a long belt and a huge mess.) I ended up using brown paper bags as they are large and can accommodate multi-sized projects.

Also, not all plastics are created equally.
I'll post the smartie belt later to prove the point. I think you get the idea without the picture. Right?

My first wallet was way too girly - a shortcoming of most of my projects.
It became a gift for my lovely neice.

The second attempt did the job. Looking back I wish that I made a double pocket, but once fused... it is fused.

The plastic sews very easily, however I don't know how sturdy it will be. I used a lot of fray check to keep the seams strong. Hopefully it will last the long journey to Boston and make my brother smile. That will do it.
wallet insides

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