put on your party skirt

I took the girls fabric shopping the other day to find fabrics for their birthday party. When Scout saw this print she told me it would be a "really, really cute party skirt." I was thrilled she had even had an opinion about fabric choice. Shock.

Izzy wanted a party dress, and Scout wanted a skirt just like her favorite party skirt.

I am pretty crazy about this skirt. The ultimate party skirt. It is gathered four times her waist measurement and lined in flannel for warmth. I love it! (and so does Scout!)

For the dress I modified McCall's 5966. I removed a lot of the girth in the skirt - and frankly it is still too full for a play dress. I also omitted the zipper and had a single button closure instead. The front closes with metal buttons as well. Again I lined the whole dress in flannel.

So warm. So soft.

I attempted to perfect my french seam technique on these items. I am getting better, but certainly not perfect.

All in all I am very happy with these outfits. They are the perfect accessory to their cowgirl vests.

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