celebrate good times, come on!

Last week we hosted a book party in our backyard. Truthfully, it was just an excuse to get friends together for lunch, but as with most things in my life, the lunch grew into a mini-production. Except for the fender bender earlier that morning, party day went off without a hitch.

[FYI: The insurance investigation proved my innocence on the whole ordeal. I think when the woman who hit me called and asked " can you just say it is your fault becuase I am broke" sealed the deal.]

I wish that I had taken a picture of the kids as they arrived. They were so happy to be dressed up and bringing their favorite books. It was darling.

Although none of my ideas were original or uber creative, we really had a great time. The food was excellent as well as the guests. My grandma even made the journey to join us.

Once I clean up the mess I will share pictures of the details. That way you'll be set to host your own killer book party.

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