Book Party Breakdown: Swag Bags

As a thank you to all of our little guests, I whipped up library totes complete with monograms. Truthfully, it was a very inexpensive goodie bag, yet practical. (I even sewed on a few straps while the kids were eating --- remember the car crash earlier that morning? Needless to say, I was running behind.)

The bag was made from heavy ticking using this tutorial by Ashley @ lil Blue Boo for the alphabet straps. Also, I was interested in trying the whole freezer paper stencil craze, hence the monogram. In retrospect, 3 year olds should have a capital letter for their name, but something about the lowercases spoke to me.
Something about the ticking fabric reminded me of newspapers, which leads me to reading, and then makes me think of letters. Screwy stream of consciousness I guess. I even wore a linen skirt that resembled this fabric. In my own crazy head even my outfit coordinated.

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