Eleena Dress Pattern Tour

What a pleasure to join with delightful and highly skilled seamstresses to test the new Eleena pattern by Coffee + Thread.  I find that I am hungry for the energy found in collaborative sewing and it seems to spark me into gear (if only briefly). I am struggling budgeting time and especially energy to sit down at my machine, and it was a true joy to  create dresses for my girls.  Thank you Olga!

I am highly impressed with the attention to detail and tireless revisions Olga went through to create this perfected pattern.  Be assured that every specification has been created with exactness.  The dress gives a clean classic 60's vibe with a beautiful inverted pleat with 3 sleeve options and optional collar. The pattern will be on sale for $7 (regularly priced at $9) through March 7th at 11:59 PM EST.

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Jack and Jill Colorblock Shirt

Hi Friends,  I want to share with you a beautiful and versitle pattern by Peaches and Peanuts.

A loooong while back, the sewing geniuses at FrancesSuzanne asked me if I would join them in a September Showcase.  They collected a few great patterns from independent designers and asked some amazing seamstresses to sew them up.  All through September they will showcase many great patterns to add to your stash.

I had the honor to sew up the Jack & Jill Colorblock shirt created by Peaches and Peanuts.  It is a classic button-up collared shirt with many variations to create the perfect look.

Diy Cheap and Easy Wall Art

This is such a great technique to add DIY interest to your home.  It is perfect on so many levels.

1. It is easy. (7 year olds completed today's project)
2. It is cheap. (the more creative you get, the cheaper is is)
3. It is unique!

We followed the same technique as the make do and mend art from a while back.

Shrinky Dink Valentine's

Today's project is a favorite around our house.  We love making shrinky dink art.  There's something magical about watching the plastic curl up and thicken.  (No, not very poetic.... but you'll see.  It is cool!)  

Valentine Re-Runs: String Art Heart

It seems we have a winner!  

This project is being pinned, and repinned, and repinned. Rather than send you through the archives (but feel free, there are some good posts every now and then) I thought I'd make things easier and bring this back from the ghosts of Valentine's Day past.


This project is the trifecta of kid crafts.  
1) Easy 
2) Fast 
3) Awesome

Clever Charlotte Flip

Let me begin by saying that this pattern is true perfection!  Clever is the perfect name for this darling line of patterns. For a while now I have had my eye on the chickadee blouse pattern simply for its adorable collar.  So when this pattern was available to 'flip'  I nearly flipped myself.

In my Christmas Jammies

In preparation for the Frances Suzanne flip entry, I thought I'd get familiar with the Clever Charlotte Chickadee pattern by putting together a couple of nighties (on Christmas eve day!). I found this flannel at Jo-Ann's a whopping 3 days before Christmas on 60% off sale.  We also got a cute owl print for my other girlie.  I only wished I had gotten another half yard.  The length is pretty short, and on this girl, the sleeves are too short.

Flip this pattern: Chickadee Blouse

If you have not been following Frances Suzanne: sewing with sisters , you are in for a treat!  They create the most intricate yet classic frocks for their darling nieces. Beautiful smocking, piping, pin tucks, piecing, and hand embroidery take their beautiful creations to the next level.

Together they have been hosting a year long sewing series Flip this Pattern.  It is a fun collaborative to include indie pattern makers and regular ole' bloggers like myself to test our creativity with already awesome patterns.

Handmade Halloween (In January!)

I do it every year.  EVERY YEAR!
I neurotically throw together Halloween costumes at the very last minute (often using dress up clothes to get us through neighborhood parties and such) . And when the big day comes, and I've been up all night sewing, do I take any photos?  Even with my phone?  Nope.  Not one.  Not even the beloved tweedle dee and dum costumes.  What is my problem?

And so...  without further adieu

Miss Carmen Miranda

{otherwise known as old-fashioned famous lady}

The costume idea was a last ditch effort.  She started out as a tropical bird (because I wanted to use the same pattern and theme and make my life easy). Ha!  Scout really wanted to be an English horse rider, but the boots alone were out of my budget.   I had to pay her a quarter to be a bird- but she liked the plan B so much I got to save my coin.

Next up on the roster,

Snapshots of Handmade Living: 2013 year in review

It has been a treat to look over photos of projects from the last year.  It gives me a perspective of new techniques I've tried as a well as thoughts for the new year.

Cheers, fellow makers!

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